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8 Best Music Apps for Your Smartphone or Tablet


We all know smartphones and tablets are the new iPods, but we can do a lot more with our mobile devices that only play our favorite songs. Faster networks, large online databases and intelligent cloud services turn our favorite devices into karaoke machines, recording studios, social audio networks, and more.

If you know the title of the song, want to create your own early mix, or find out which band is coming to town, look no further than your smartphone. Here are 8 great music apps that will surprise and delight you:



Have you ever heard a great song in a bar or restaurant and were desperate to know the band or its title? Or do you have a melody in your head but you don’t know what it is? Launch the SoundHound app and you’ll have the answer right away! There’s hardly a song recorded anywhere that this super-fast search and find app can’t detect for a few seconds. You can even hum it or sing it! Links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pandora and more.


Do you hear a song and want to sing along? musiXmatch detects the song currently playing nearby and automatically displays the lyrics that scroll all the time to the music. musiXmatch has the world’s largest subtitle catalog with over 7 million subtitles in 32 different languages. Perfect for impromptu karaoke parties or those times when all you have to do is give Rihanna her best shot!


Cleartune turns your mobile device into a highly accurate instrument and treble tuner that you can use to tune almost any instrument. Since your device’s built-in microphone picks up the sound of your instrument, a responsive “note wheel” helps you find the right note quickly. Works with acoustic or electric guitars and other stringed instruments, as well as pianos, timpani, woodwinds, and anything but notes.

Cloud DJ

Cloud DJ allows you to provide built-in Grandmaster Flash and mix your own music or music streamed directly from the internet. The entire Cloud DJ song database is available for mixing, many of which have been mixed and uploaded by professional and amateur DJs from around the world. The selected song can be played immediately. Just tap the waveform to scratch and additional filters and faders will help produce the sound you want.


Do you want to know when your favorite bands and DJs are coming to town? Bandsintown is the #1 concert listing and search app that lets you track live shows based on your preferences and location. Offers notifications and links to ticket offices and ticket brokers, as well as sharing tools for Facebook, Twitter and more. Never miss a concert again!


Known as Facebook for audio, SoundCloud is the leading social network for music, audio files, and soundbites. You can search the SoundCloud database according to your own preferences, follow your friends’ audio contributions, or record and send your own audio suggestions. You can like other people’s audio files, add comments, or find like-minded friends and add them to your stream.

TuneWiki Lyrics

Application for scrolling text with a twist! With TuneWiki you can not only sing your favorite songs, but also create your own lyrics that you can save or share with friends. Add photos to create your own LyricArt, or explore new or popular LyricArt submitted by others. You can translate text in more than 40 different languages ​​and share images and text on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Do you miss the 80s and your Walkman? AirCassette turns your iPhone into a cassette player full of play buttons and cassette names and song titles on the box. You can listen to music while browsing your collection, add songs to play in a queue, save queues as mix tapes, and even send tapes with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email.


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