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The Bronx Cardi B beauty is here! Belcalis-born Marlenis Almanzar, New York’s new favorite bad girl, took off her 15cm stripper heels and poles and burst onto the Billboard 200 chart last summer with the wild single “Bodak Yellow”. Nearly a year and a ton later came their long awaited debut album, Invasion Of Privacy.

As always, his fiery ex-love and hip-hop scholarship did not disappoint in the face of skepticism and criticism. While there’s still a chance to be mentioned among some of rap’s elite female MCs, Cardi is more than that for her. Twelve songs give their loyal fans exactly what they expect. The perfect combination of hip-hop, trap music, a bit of female empowerment, and some naughty Latin American tunes for Latinos! Representing their Spanish origin.

There are a number of highlights (some of which have already been released), including a cheeky “I like” with fellow Latin singer J. Balvin, and includes some understandable lines with enough Latin flavor and spice. “Drip” is Cardi B’s signature combination, with her hit in the trap club song as Flow. The song also includes a guest appearance with husband Offset from hot band Migos. On the powerful “Get Up 10,” she performed some of her best hits on an album she’s proud of:

“I’m covered in dollars, now we drip jewelry / A b*tch play with my money? / He can spit on my food.”


“Claw me nine times, but I’m ten (wow) / Yeah, I said we’d win.”
At Bardi Cardi, she swapped bars with rapper 21 Savage, which complemented her style perfectly. Elsewhere, fearless moms show one of their feminine and always-connected sides in sentimental songs like “Call your phone” and “Be careful”. He also got sweet help from singer SZA to sing the song “I Do” softly. Other full-disc features include Chance The Rapper, YG, Kehlani, and Bad Bunny.

Overall, Invasion Of Privacy is more impressive than not. In addition, the many successful collaborations since the album’s release (Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, G-Eazy) are undeniably the influence of Bronx MC. The platform was certified in July this year, just less than three months after its release in April 2018. Cardi is the only female rapper to have released two consecutive number 1 songs on the charts. “I like it” and the second is “Bodak Yellow” for 2017.

With a solid display of skill and finesse that most people might not expect, it’s clear that the 25-year-old rapper is still a very raw talent. While she still has a few areas to hone in on her skills, such as pronunciation (which she’s been familiar with in the past) and occasionally making up for it with faster rhymes, these are small habits that can end up making a big difference in her performance. . Cardi flexes her muscles for the most part, however, and is truly proving that she is more than capable of being the next great woman in the rap game.

However, their dreary debut single “Bodak Yellow” is far from the best introductory album and the best work of their career so far. Think of it as KO after KO! Complete game changer.

“Only the real can bind”, really. Welcome Cardi B

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